About Us

Khiladi Foundation's vision is to prepare underprivileged and rural area kids since last 5 years to compete in national and international competitions requires a comprehensive approach that addresses various aspects beyond just providing sports facilities. Providing sports facilities for their is crucial for their physical, mental, and social development.

The Team


Over two decades, I've thrived as an IT project manager, specializing in simulation and artificial intelligence. Leading multidisciplinary teams, I've orchestrated the development and implementation of innovative solutions, leveraging advanced technologies to solve complex challenges. With a proven track record spanning diverse industries, I'm committed to driving continuous innovation and shaping the future of technology. My experience, combined with a passion for pushing boundaries, positions me as a trusted leader in the ever-evolving landscape of simulation and artificial intelligence.


With a blend of engineering and business management qualifications, complemented by 15 years of experience in the telecom industry with a multinational corporation, I've honed a unique skill set. From overseeing network deployments to strategic planning, I've driven growth and operational excellence. My ability to navigate technical complexities while aligning with business objectives has been instrumental in shaping successful ventures. Committed to innovation and continuous improvement, I've thrived in dynamic environments, leveraging my expertise to contribute to the evolution of the telecom sector and deliver value to stakeholders.