Khiladi Foundation's vision is to prepare underprivileged and rural area kids since last 5 years to compete in national and international competitions requires a comprehensive approach that addresses various aspects beyond just providing sports facilities. Providing sports facilities for their is crucial for their physical, mental, and social development.


Empower underprivileged and rural area children through sports development for national and international competitions.


Provide holistic support enabling children's excellence in sports, fostering physical, mental, and social well-being.


Inclusivity, Excellence, Community, Integrity, Resilience—nurturing growth, teamwork, and integrity in every child's journey to success.

By implementing this comprehensive training program over a period of 5 years, underprivileged and rural area kids can be effectively prepared to compete in national and international competitions, representing their communities with pride and excellence in sports.

Areas of focus

Talent Identification and Selection

Begin by conducting talent identification programs in underprivileged and rural areas to identify children with potential in various sports.

Establish Training Centers

Set up dedicated training centers equipped with high-quality sports facilities in accessible locations within these communities.

Recruit Experienced Coaches and Support Staff

Hire experienced coaches, trainers, sports scientists, nutritionists....

Structured Training Programs

Develop structured training programs tailored to the needs and abilities of the athletes.

Competition Exposure

Provide ample opportunities for the athletes to compete at various levels, including local, regional, national, and eventually international competitions.

Education and Life Skills Development

Emphasize the importance of education alongside sports training. Encourage athletes to prioritize their studies and provide support systems to help them excel academically.

Nutrition and Health Management

Ensure athletes receive proper nutrition guidance and access to healthy meals to support their physical development and recovery.

Financial Support and Scholarships

Offer financial support, scholarships, or stipends to alleviate the financial burden on athletes and their families.

Mentorship and Role Models

Pair athletes with mentors who can provide guidance, support, and inspiration throughout their athletic journey.

Community Engagement and Support

Foster community support by involving local stakeholders, businesses, and organizations in the athletes' development journey.

Our Work

School Programs

Collaborate with schools in underprivileged areas to develop sports programs. This could involve providing sports equipment, organizing tournaments, and offering coaching sessions.

Public Parks

Improve public parks in underserved neighborhoods by adding sports amenities like playgrounds, sports fields, and outdoor fitness equipment.

Mobile Sports Units

Create mobile sports units equipped with sports equipment and resources that can travel to different communities, especially those lacking permanent sports facilities.

Partnerships with Sports Organizations

Partner with local sports clubs, federations, and organizations to provide training, coaching, and access to sports facilities at discounted rates or for free.

Volunteer Programs

Recruit volunteers from the community or local universities to serve as coaches, mentors, or organizers for sports activities. These volunteers can also help maintain the facilities and ensure their sustainability.

Accessible Equipment

Ensure that sports equipment is accessible and affordable for underprivileged families. This may involve organizing equipment drives, seeking donations from businesses, or negotiating bulk discounts with suppliers.

Safety and Supervision

Prioritize safety by implementing proper maintenance of facilities and providing adult supervision during sports activities to ensure a positive and secure environment for the children.



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